Zip8 & Zip16 Tape Bandage Adhesive

What’s the Zip?

The Zip Surgical Skin Closure Device is indicated for use during and after skin incision procedures to approximate skin and hold together the skin edges until healing can take place.

How does Zip work?

The Zip Surgical Skin Closure Device is a single-use noninvasive skin closure device. The number in the device name on the label (Zip8 & Zip16) represents the maximum length of incision in centimeters that a single device may be used to close. Multiple devices may be applied end-to-end as needs for longer incisions, and the device may be cut for shorter incisions. The devices is applied to clean, dry skin prior to skin closure. The device remains on the skin during wound healing. The device is removed by lifting one edge and peeling the device from the skin. The device is made of polymeric materials and utilizes a non-latex, pressure sensitive skin adhesive. The device contents are provided sterile in an intact and unopened package.

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